Why Visiting a Laser Dentist is Good for Your Health and Well-Being

Laser DentistIf you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort, call our office to see a laser dentist. We use lasers in lieu of the dental drill and other common dental tools to provide our patients with an improved and more comfortable experience. If you have not yet witnessed the benefits of laser dentistry first hand, we encourage you to call our office and do so. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results and feel better afterward.

To gain a better understanding of how laser dentistry can assist you, it helps to know how lasers work in the first place. A dental laser is a device that generates an incredibly narrow, but intense, beam of light energy. The laser beam is so small that you may not even see it. However, when the laser light connects with either hard or soft tissue, it causes a reaction.

The reaction allows us to treat all sorts of dental problems including gum disease and decay. There are lasers for both hard and soft tissue so we will use the one that is specifically designed to treat your dental condition.

Lasers Treat Decay

Imagine being able to have tooth decay treated without the use of the dental drill. Imagine how much better you can feel emotionally, mentally and physically, by not having to endure the use of a dental drill. Other patients are bothered by the sound, sight, smell, or sensation produced by the drill and prefer an alternative. All of our patients report feeling much better and enjoy the procedure significantly more when we do not use a drill.

Lasers can remove tooth decay because your tooth structure is full of water. The laser is absorbed by that water. As such, the water begins to boil, creating steam. The steam then evaporates the decay through heavy pressure. Laser dentistry is a modern, innovative, and far more improved way to remove decay than using a drill. As another benefit, most of our patients do not require any type of anesthesia since the laser treats decay comfortably.

The same benefits apply to when you have gum disease treated. Gum disease is typically caused by bacteria becoming trapped underneath your gum tissue. It can be irritating to your gums to the point that they swell, bleed, and may pull away from your actual tooth structure. The result is discomfort and the potential risk of future tooth loss. This makes it necessary to remove the bacteria as quickly as possible. The standard procedure for doing so involves using a metal dental tool to scrape the bacteria off of the teeth after the gums have been pulled away.

Understandably, this can be painful and incredibly irritating to your guns. Laser energy is so fine that none of this is necessary. We can use the lasers to get in between the gums and your teeth so the bacteria can be zapped away. This means that you will not experience stress, pain, or irritation during the procedure or afterward. In fact, any discomfort will be minimal and only last temporarily.

Visit Our Laser Dentist Office

We can improve your oral health in a way that is comfortable and relaxing so that you will feel good about visiting the dentist, rather than stressed by it.

Posted on: November 15th, 2016


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