Five Facts About No Drill Fillings in Bayside, NY

No Drill FillingsWe provide no drill fillings in Bayside, NY, so you can have your tooth decay treated without discomfort. Technology has advanced in all areas of life, including dentistry. Dental drills used to be the only tool capable of treating tooth decay. This meant that if you had a cavity, you really had no choice but to sit still while a dentist used a drill in your mouth.

It turns out that most people are incredibly frightened by the prospect, and whether it’s the heat, noise, vibration, or pressure, most patients report that it is also somewhat painful. We believe in doing things the smart way and modern way whenever possible, and that is why we use lasers to treat tooth decay. We don’t want our patients to suffer unnecessarily, and thanks to dental lasers, they don’t have to.

Five Facts About No Drill Fillings in Bayside, NY

#1 — We use lasers instead of drills

We have the ability to treat decay and infections just like we always have. The difference is the tool we are using. Instead of a dental drill, we use lasers whenever possible because lasers create a more comfortable treatment experience for our patients. There is no noise, excessive pressure, heat, vibration, or pain associated with having decay treated using a dental laser.

#2 — Most patients do not require any anesthesia

The biggest benefit of no drill dental fillings in Bayside, NY is that most of our patients do not require any anesthesia. This is fantastic because it means you will not need to have pain medication injected into your gums, something that most people find incredibly unpleasant. Simultaneously, you should not feel pain or discomfort, so this is truly a win-win.

#3 — There is no excess heat or pressure

Even though lasers conjure up images of fire burning from the sky, the lasers we use in dentistry do not produce excessive heat or pressure, so the process is very comfortable and the exact opposite of what you would see in a science fiction movie.

#4 — The recovery time is faster

Using lasers allows us to target very small areas of decay without touching any of the surrounding tissue. Therefore, your mouth will be less irritated or swollen in general. This means you will be able to recover faster from your treatment with a dental drill.

#5 — It is affordable

Now that we are using new technology to treat tooth decay, it does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Laser dentistry is still incredibly affordable. Compared with the massive benefits it delivers, our patients are happy to pay for the service.

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If you are experiencing dental pain or you know that you have cavities requiring treatment, visit our office. There is no need for you to suffer under a noisy and painful dental drill when you can visit us for no drill fillings in Bayside, NY. You may even spend less time in the dental chair, so call today!

Posted on: November 1st, 2016