Get Ready for Graduation With a Laser Teeth Whitening in Bayside, NY

Laser Teeth Whitening in Bayside, NYIf you are ready for graduation, you may also be ready for your first laser teeth whitening in Bayside, NY.  Graduating from college takes years of dedication, long evenings spent in the library or studying for exams, and probably a lot of soda, energy drinks, and coffee to get you through it.  First of all, congratulations on graduating.  Before you don the cap and gown, however, take the time to consider your oral health.  While coffee and Red Bull may have been great for keeping your energy up, they have likely wreaked havoc on the health of your teeth, including how white they appear.  While you may have been cavity-free and had bright teeth prior to leaving for college, that is typically not the case once those four years are over.  As a dentist, we recommend that college students have their teeth cleaned every summer.  However, if you have missed a few appointments, your teeth may be looking more than yellow as a result.  Fortunately, we can improve their appearance before your family starts taking photos.

We make it easy to schedule a dental appointment so even if you are busy wrapping things up at school, all you need to do is take an hour out of your day to improve the health and appearance of your teeth.  During your exam, we will check for cavities and gum disease then discuss anything that you don’t like about your smile.  If your teeth are yellow, we can talk about the next steps for whitening them.

How does laser teeth whitening in Bayside, NY work?

If your teeth are yellow, scheduling a teeth whitening appointment is the best way to improve their appearance. We will apply the whitening solution to your teeth and use a laser light to activate it.  This will whiten your teeth faster than using a whitening kit at home.  Using lasers and a stronger solution is what enables us to produce truly dramatic results.  In fact, our patients generally experience an improvement of eight shades or more in one sitting.  Some people see such a dramatic result that they no longer need a cosmetic solution like dental veneers.  This is why we recommend scheduling this procedure before trying anything more invasive.  Simultaneously, as a busy college graduate, you can have this treatment completed in an hour and be on your way – new smile and all.

Why do I need a professional laser teeth whitening in Bayside, NY when I can buy something at the drugstore?

Yes, you can head to the drugstore and buy one of the many whitening products that are on the market.  There are a few challenges with that though.  The results won’t be as obvious so if you are looking for a fast and stunning solution, what you buy in the store may leave you disappointment.  This is largely due to the solution since it is typically designed to remove surface stains only.  Simultaneously, if you use it incorrectly, you could end up with sensitive teeth.

Posted on: March 25th, 2015